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Use the SteelNavy.Com Message Board for the exchange of ship modeling ideas and techniques, collector inquiries, thumbnail reviews, buy/sell (no Ebay items with the exception of AAA Model Hobbies which is an E-Bay Store & a sponsor!), and discussions of nautical topics. Be civil and keep your comments on topic. Maintain a sense of humor. NO political or theological discussions or diatribes will be tolerated. For commercial entities announcements are for SteelNavy.com sponsors only.

Although both steelnavy.com and steelnavy.net are active and functional, steelnavy.com will never be updated and steelnavy.net will be with full access to all of the material published on steelnavy.com. Go to http://www.steelnavy.net/ or click on the link at the top of the page.

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