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Welcome to our Breast Cancer Survivor's Discussion Forum. To post an entry to the board, please find the "username" and "passwords" below in red (write them down, if you can't remember them). Then click here, [Post a Message] or, underneath the above image where it says [Post a Message]. Put in your name, subject of post and your written message; click the "post message" box and put in the username and password in the appropriate boxes for this board. Highlight the "forever" small box and you will not have to repeat the process again. It is the same for all the boards, except with different passwords. Basic posting rules for boards: 1) Post using only one name, either your real name, or a fictitious name and be consistant. 2) Do not redirect other posters to for profit, other urls, or commercial sites or other boards. 3) Use of multiple names, or redirection will be cause for refusal to access our boards. 4) Do not leave a private email address, or ID in a post. 5) Be courteous. There are over 500 posts on the first page and additional many on the second, third and fourth pages. To read the second, through fifth pages of posts, please click the underlined numbers 1-5 below. To submit a polling question, please click Polling Information for details. For those that have found this board from outside the site, please click the Breast Cancer Support site where there are posted hundreds of survivor experiences guestbooks and a dozen other boards.

This board is semi-password protected to avoid spam. To post use username "post" and password "survive". No caps, please. Thanks for your patience.
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