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    Posted by poor ol elroy on February 18, 2018, 5:53 am, in reply to "Re: 1516883"

    Times change and I realize we must change with them. My wife hates guns but dont mind when I put a 38 revolver by my nitestand each night. at first i agreed with her thoughts that we really didnt need ar 15s. but then I got to thinking....
    Didnt we ban thompson sub machine guns?, thought so. When I worked at the Corvette plant in St. Louis, i got off at around 3 in the morning. When I got home, It helped me to relax when I watched the Untouchables on TV. If i remember, usually at least 100 mobsters got machine gunned in Chicago each episode. So,,,, I dont think it would help to ban anything.

    After reading this post, I thought about banning some things myself. I was in the bakery getting myself some un needed calories this morning, and there was a rather very unslim woman gingerly selecting quite a few cream horns. My first thought was to call the police and have her arrested but then they would have hauled me in too.
    Cooler heads have to pervail here. Gone are the days when kids could go down to woolworths and buy a toy army rifle like i did years ago. I did, and I wasnt even noticed when I walked thru downtown with my new toy.
    I would be for banning viloent electronic games, and well maybe all of them. I see many kids in homes playing these things, with demonic grins on there faces while the kill count rises.
    lets look at the situation in a business sense. we have an overwhelming number of baby boomers who are retired with excellent pensions, and many are extremly benovelent folks. some very good friends of mine volenteer at the local hospital in Maryville, down the road from Eville. The man drives a very nice bus in the parking lot shuttleing people to the front door. I tried to talk him into having a cooler in the van, and selling beer to the riders, but he was afraid he would get fired from his non paying job. I told him it would hep settle peoples nerves as they were on the way to have procedures done, especially colon checks, lord knows after the trip to get mine checked I would have bought several.
    why couldnt we have working free in all the schools? Hey, we may be on to something here.... take some tax money, give them guns, helmets, and shell belts and let them walk the halls to protect the kids...
    Well the thought process has taken a toll on me, im getting drowsey, im nodding off.. Nap time.

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