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    Posted by Wally Bunker on February 17, 2018, 8:56 pm, in reply to "Re: 1516883"

    Back in the day 6 year old kids weren't being kicked out of school for eating a pop tart and making it look like the image of a gun. Some students would have rifles on the gun racks of the trucks they drove to school. People acted like they had some damn sense back in the day. All the grabbers want to blame the tool and not the fool because they like the control aspect of a society without guns. It never sinks into the grabbers thick skulls that the criminal element doesn't care how many stupid gun laws are passed, as only law abiding citizens concern themselves with the law. I doubt if this Cruz punk ever thought to himself, "You know i want to kill a bunch of people, but i cant damn it, because Nancy Pelosi passed a new gun ban." Having a half of dozen teachers and or administrators carrying concealed would go along way towards at least making these deranged lowlifes think twice before going on a shooting spree. I carry a firearm everywhere i go, and nobody knows. Its called concealed for a reason and of course i have a permit as do thousands of people. Somehow someway i have controlled my gun to not pull itself out of the holster and shoot someone, believe it or not they don't shoot themselves. In Israel they don't have school shootings, because of two reasons. There culture isn't near as F'ed up as ours and they care enough about the students to arm a large percentage of the staff. The gun grabbers don't care about solving the problem, all they see is opportunity. Then Hollywood of course falls in line with their anti gun drivel while they live in gated communities surrounded by armed body guards.

    Here is exactly how it would go down if they had their way. A mass shooting occurs with another AR15, then those rifles are banned. Then a shooting with a 357 magnum pistol, and those are then banned. If someone is pistol whipped and dies, ban them too. If 200 kids were ran over or beaten with baseball bats, but all guns were banned, the left wing as a whole would consider that a huge success. This is how they operate, they drool at the mouth over all these mass shootings hoping and even praying for some kind of NRA or GOP connection. Remember the Aurora shooting when the ABC guy was claiming the shooter was a Tea Partier because that same name was on a list of members. With this shooting the media was all over some cooked up story that Cruz was in some white hate group that had about 10 members, which of course was another lie. Its what they can pass off as truth, not the real truth that is important to them. These cowards never go on shooting sprees in locations where they know they will meet resistance, they go where they can do whatever the hell they want to do. But of course i know that has nothing to do with it right?? If a criminal wants to break into a house, do you think he would pick one where he knows the owners have no way to defend themselves, or would he roll the dice and break into Rambos pad?
    If you think about it, the left didn't blame Obama for school shootings during his reign now did they? But under Trump they even blamed him for the supposed largest church massacre in the history of Texas. Hmm they must have forgot when Janet Reno and Bill Clinton murdered all those people at Waco.

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