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    Posted by Wally Bunker on February 16, 2018, 10:34 pm, in reply to "1516883"

    The left claims they don't want to ban all guns which of course in many cases is nonsense. Some come right out and admit they want a confiscation like they had in Australia, while others in true leftist fashion hide their true intentions.
    Remember Hitleries ignorance on what she called bum stocks? She had know idea what she was talking about, it was amusing. Now in lock step they are out demanding the ban of ARs. Never mind the fact that most of these dolts don't even have a clue what the letters AR even stand for. Semi automatic weapons are not the same as automatic weapons imbeciles. The AR 15 does look pretty hard core but its not unlike many other rifles. So they will settle for ARs today then wait impatiently for another mass shooting to expand. Remember the Virginia Tech shooter killed over 30 people with hand guns? Hmm, how did that happen?
    I'm waiting for another NRA member to shoot things up, oh wait, never mind we haven't had the first one yet. But of course we all know that criminals and insane people will comply with whatever new gun laws these fools can conjure up right? I mean, the good citizens of Baltimore and Chicago are very responsible and wouldnt think of disobeying another lefty gun law.
    The loony left loves saying, "If you don't like abortions, don't have one." Well folks , if you don't like guns don't buy one.
    Does it ever occur to you that these cowards like Cruz avoid areas that they know other people will be able to defend themselves? How many of these mass shooters have targeted a gun show? The Aurora theatre shooter went to three locations before he found one that had posted "Gun Free Zone" signs up. The path of least resistance i suppose. I think all the gun grabbers should put Gun Free Zone signs in their front yards.

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