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    Posted by Tired on February 17, 2018, 1:10 pm, in reply to "1516883"

    I am a gun owner. It is time to change a few things. Guns should, like alcohol, should be restricted to those over 21. In Illinois we all are required to have a FOID card to buy guns or ammo. This should be done nation wide. Gun stores should be REQUIRED to lock up their guns, in a safe, when they are not open. And the BIG THING, the HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES need to STOP GLAMORIZING GUN VIOLENCE!! My liberal friends constantly poi t out how things are different in Europe. Well guess what, many violent movies an video games are either heavily censored or outright BANNED IN EUROPE. The Hollywood crowd thrives on gun pornography and then decries the results. It is disgusting.

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