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    Posted by whatusay on February 27, 2016, 5:54 pm, in reply to "Re: These Guys"

    Millennials aren't getting the better paying jobs because 1) they cannot complete their degree without their parents intervening on their behalf with instructors and professors at the college level when they think their buttercup deserves a better grade or special consideration and 2) because they are dragging their parents along to job interviews in a lot of cases. (Google it)

    Millennials do not want to support themselves completely when they can nurse off the parental teat and save their salaries for designer coffee, hobbies and the latest electronics.

    Millennials are not purchasing homes for the same reason listed above.

    I'm not defending Obama, but anyone with half a brain knows what happened to jobs in the last six months of the Bush administration. If you don't, you need to google that too.

    I can't believe the cesspool of candidates we are being served with this election. It scares me to death.

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