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    Posted by machine_easy2 on February 27, 2016, 7:11 am, in reply to "Re: These Guys"

    Republicans have tried to obstruct him at every turn things are still better than before he was in office.

    So lets look at the link you posted, bragging about the failure in chief....

    The economy has added nearly 7.9 million jobs, and the unemployment rate is now lower than the historical median.

    Thats odd, the Labor Force Participation Rate has dropped from nearly 66% to about 63% since he has taken office, how can we add "7.9 million jobs" and have that much of a lower participation rate? They must be using that common core math.

    Business establishment start-ups have increased by 20 percent, and the number of job openings is the highest in more than 14 years.

    I like the idea of startups and all, but perhaps they have little to do with the president. Most are based in technology, something the admin seems to know little about, and I don't agree that job openings are the highest in 14 years, not in my industry, not at the mill, not anywhere I know, perhaps as a fast food worker. but hey, an job opening is a job opening, doesn't matter if it minimum wage I guess.

    The purchasing power of weekly paychecks is up 2.6 percent, despite some recent slippage.


    Nevertheless, the number of people receiving food stamps is still 43 percent higher than when Obama was first sworn in, despite recent declines.

    So people have more money to spend somehow, and we have have more people on food stamps? Something doesn't add up, we've "added" 7.9 million jobs, that "pay 2.6% more" (inflation adjusted I guess), and yet 43% more people need food stamps. I guess if more people depending on the government is a good thing in your book, Obama is doing amazing.

    And the home ownership rate has continued to decline, to the lowest point in over a quarter century.

    Less people own homes, despite home prices and interest rates being so low for the whole time he's been in office. Why? The government statistics claim more people are working, and making more money at work, and homes are cheep. Perhaps those numbers are a little rosy.

    U.S. oil production is up 94 percent. Wind and solar power are up 252 percent. U.S. dependency on oil imports is down to the lowest point since the 1970s.

    This is another Obama failure. He's done everything he can to drive up the cost of non-green energy. He's winning with coal, but he's losing huge with oil. Oil is cheep and plentiful DESPITE obama, not because of him.

    The percentage of foreigners who say they approve of the U.S. is up in most countries including France, Britain, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Pakistan and even Israel, where it stands at 81 percent of those polled this year. One of the few exceptions is Russia, where U.S. favorability has plunged to 15 percent.

    I don't really care what other counties think about us.

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