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    Posted by Opie2 on February 26, 2016, 8:05 pm

    Well the GOP candidates took another trip down stupidity lane last night. First, my sympathies to Ben Carson for being overlooked in the debate. It seems like Moe, Larry and Curly decided if they call each other enough names, the rule about responding if your name is used, gave them full run of the floor.

    Now on to the three stooges. Rubio allowed himself to get down in the mud with Trump. He'll ultimately lose that battle because Trump can go lower than most. He followed that today by playing stupid games during his campaign stops over Trumps spelling on Twitter. Really Marco?

    Cruz finally got a little back up in going after Trump. In fact, CNN had video of Cruz and Rubio shaking hands as if to say, "boy we got him on the run". Cruz will probably fall if he loses Texas.

    Trump is playing these two like cheap little hand puppets. He ultimately knows that even if he loses he goes back to being a billionaire so he's not really concerned about what he says.

    These guys are going to make it so easy for Hillary in November. They're giving her all the guns she needs.

    I personally don't care for Trump. However, I don't care about his tax returns. We all try to limit our taxes by claiming every deduction available. I don't care that in his PRIVATE business he hires Polish workers. I could care less if he uses foul language. I do too.

    One of these three is going to be the nominee. They need to start focusing on what their real, not made up plans are to fix the mess of Obama. They need to go on a full attack of what Hillary could do to this country if she continues to follow the Obama doctrine.

    Not much time left folks. If you're leaning toward a republican, give careful thought to the real agenda of these three guys. Heaven help us.

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