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    Posted by Pauley on August 25, 2018, 1:38 am, in reply to "Re: Kindergarten Teacher"

    "This is a prime example of why most great teachers dont want to teach" Since you couldn't cut it in this profession, you're the last person who should be representing teachers on a matter like this. Anyone who would make statements like you have about a 5 year old child is screwed up in the head. Calling him a "little angel", making light of him being scared, suggesting that a 5 year old can "use this" experience to make him even "more spineless" in the future. Who in the hell thinks any 5 year old kid can be spineless in the first place?

    Then you have the balls to turn around and say you "don't mean to be heartless" or mean. I don't think most people think your a heartless man, I think most just think you're an idiot. But of course they would never let on to the fact they feel that way to your face. They save those opinions for once you turn your back. Comparing a 5 year old kid to one of your "so called grown-ups" that you have hired is ridiculous. Are you trying to say this 5 year old kid "expects everything to be done for him"? Or, he just may grow up feeling that way if it wasn't for this punishment the crab ass teacher doled out? If that's the point you are trying to make, you're just as stupid as that teacher.

    If the day ever comes, one of your employees get wind that you are belittling them on a public message board discussing your dissatisfaction with their performance, and how you "jumped him and yelled at him" and made him cry, you just may end up getting your ass stomped. But don't worry, just make sure you carry around a pencil box in case you need to crack his skull with it.

    Don't worry about that ass stomping if it ever comes, you will be "better for it".

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