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    Posted by KL79 on August 23, 2018, 2:30 pm

    I'm new to this board but I read it all the time. I have a question. Do you think it is appropriate for a kindergarten teacher to discipline her student by throwing his pencil box in the trashcan in her class and making him cry?

    He is only five years old and it was only his eighth or ninth day of class and he had been playing with the pencil box and had been told not to do so several times. Instead of taking it away and putting it in her desk or the class closet, or sending it home after talking to his parents, she takes it from him and makes a huge production of throwing it in the trashcan.

    I don't think its appropriate. While I don't think it will mark him for life, I think it's a little harsh. Isn't it part of a teacher's job to inspire and set the tone for a student's attitude towards learning and attending school for years to come? I do not think she accomplished anything even close to that with this idiotic display of little self control.

    This woman is long in the tooth, so to speak, and perhaps would be better suited for a higher grade or retirement. She seems jaded and a bit uncaring according to several parents who seem to prefer her aide to her. The children are very happy when her aide is present and I have heard them vocalize this.

    After what I am hearing and seeing maybe the kindergarten classes would be better served by teachers under the age of thirty, with a newer, fresher prospective where children don't fear or mistrust them due to extreme actions just as this. Ones that can foster structure, organization and self discipline with out going to such a drastic length to prove their point. It might well benefit the children who are just now acclimating to what will be their school life for the next twelve years.

    I am very pro-teacher but know when one has passed their expiration date. This woman is very close. When you can no longer appropriately deal with something as minor as this without being so frustrated and idiotic about it, it might be time to retire.

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