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    Posted by KL79 on August 24, 2018, 6:59 pm, in reply to "Re: Kindergarten Teacher"

    "Most great teachers...". A great teacher would never intimidate a five year old boy his first week of school by embarrassing or humiliating him. That nasty frame of mind is reserved for crusty, old, desensitized battle axes who have put up with nonsense for years with older kids who were not taught how to behave or how to respect authority. Not a kindergarten student so early in the school year. I wonder what her feelings would be if someone did that to her child/grandchild, without letting her know there was a problem, and how the teacher was going to handle it? If she is this stressed out two weeks in, will she be a stark raving lunatic by Christmas break? Will she hold it together till Easter break?

    I don't believe ANY great teacher or one with the potential or desire to be great, would opt to go the route this woman did. There were different ways to approach this, but slinging his new school supplies into the trashcan should not have been one of them. I don't give a damn how you look at it, that was mean, intimidating, vindictive and above all, CHILDISH. She could have taken it away and put it away, no she had to make that kid believe she was throwing his brand new school supplies away, leaving him with none, all in front of his new classmates. Face it, she lost her shit. Did you even read the other comment about cutting out the snowflake? Ask this person if they were affected by how that kindergarten teacher treated them. Ask them if they hadn't been stuck in the corner on their first day of school because the didn't know how to cut out a snowflake if they think they would have grown up to whine, cry and expect everyone to do everything for them.

    You have teachers who love to teach and manage to keep that love through decades of doing so in spite of problematic students. Then you have those who should never stick a toe into the profession. Then you have the ones, connected to the local B of E, who might have started out great and developed hateful resentments but are still wanting to build that pension. Time to fill out the pension papers.

    As far as comparing a five year old to the "adults" you hire for your business, the comparison is lost on me. Maybe you should up your vetting game, look at training and experience, offer decent compensation and go from there. If you employ people and this happens.. "i jumped him and of course yelled at him", I can understand why you think this teacher is in the right but don't understand why someone you do this to hasn't knocked you on your ass.

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