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    Posted by Granddad on November 16, 2017, 11:47 am, in reply to "Re: District 9"

    OK, there is no more "Zero Tolerance", but for the life of me I cannot understand how a "student's privacy" supersedes a "student's safety". There has to be some provision for punishment in FERPA.

    And no matter how you, our the school district, wishes to spin this, no I cannot agree that we are getting a biased story from this video. It was from the perspective of one of the bullies who did the videoing and her message displayed in the video is very clear. She did not seemed concerned about her privacy. Quite the contrary, she put it out on social media, loud and proud.

    Mr. Greenwald failed in his statement regarding the incident to mention any of the information you have provided. He failed to mention any regret or the slightest bit of empathy for this child. Instead, he chose to throw his pissy attitude in everyone's face and revealed his anger towards the mother of this attacked student accusing her dragging this into social media, when in actuality it was one of the bullies who did that. He failed to offer up any semblance of collaboration with the GCPD in an effort to quell this disgusting behavior.

    In short, he blew it. It has blown up in his face and his insincere statement has now only fanned the fire of concerned and angry parents. He has not helped this situation in anyway, and that is not a good sign of leadership.

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