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    Posted by Opie2 on November 15, 2017, 8:53 am, in reply to "Re: District 9"

    Elcooksta, I guess you said it better than I did. I think what happened to this girl was reprehensible. I think the little thugs who beat on her should be punished. I think the parents of the thugs should be held accountable in a civil suit and the girls should be charged with mob action.

    I have no issue with the school being involved to the point of educating these kids on their stupid behavior. People are suggesting they be made to stay after school while criticizing the district for the five minute lead time for the victim. Isn't that the same thing in a different wrapper?

    I'm not familiar enough with that side of the law that I can speak to the schools level of jurisdiction for kids walking home.

    And Wally, as to your smarta$$ comment about let's stay on topic, I'm curious who people blame or call when this happens on the weekend. It's perfectly on point because if it happens in the neighborhood they call the police.

    Assault is a criminal action. Mob violence is a criminal action. Inciting violence is a criminal action. It would seem that the police have several options to charge the girls or their parents for lack of supervision.

    Some kids, like these little thugs, have no respect for authority or others. You keep them after school and lecture them, they'll laugh at you two minutes after they leave. Hit their parents where it hurts and see what happens.

    This isn't a matter of not feeling sorry for the young lady. It's not a matter of defending the school's position. It's a matter of jurisdiction and who can best fix the problem to see it never happens again.

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