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    Posted by Speaking Out on November 15, 2017, 12:09 am, in reply to "Re: District 9"

    I have listened to this video a few times now. I'm a little surprised at your response Opi. Anyone that has read the board for as long as I have knows, for the most part, you usually side with the school district in most situations. But, I sure can't agree with you on this one.

    Have you turned up the volume on this video and listened? I hear several kids after this girl. I repeatedly hear, "Get her Casey!" "Casey, hurry up, get her!". You can hear them, and see them in the distance, actually chasing this girl down.

    Millgirl has a perfect idea about how the school can handle this situation. The offenders are the ones who can not be trusted to walk home from school among other students, not the girl who was jumped.

    Every single brat who has a hand in this fight, I don't care if they didn't throw a single punch, if they ran with the pack, if they held the camera that took the video, everyone one of them need to be held after school for a minimum of a half hour (45 minutes) would be better, after school every single day for the rest of the entire school year.

    That would allow the girl who was jumped to get home safely without having to outrun these animals.

    The kid who took the video and any other kids who laid their hands on this girl, and the kids who kept yelling, "get her!" should all be suspended.

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