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    Posted by Granddad on November 15, 2017, 6:09 pm, in reply to "Re: District 9"

    I personally know of many times where the school has been involved in incidents like this that occur on a weekend no where near school property. I will not throw recent names out here, but it has happened many, many times.

    The school district's "Zero Tolerance" police is selectively enforced at best. It all depends on who is involved and what role they played. If they were the victim, and their parents were known to the school, it was addressed full on and handled. If they were the aggressor, it was do whatever we can do to keep that kid's record clean, and to keep it quiet.

    One notorious, well connected bully, terrorized a middle school and then the GC High School the entire time he was at both schools. He never faced punishment when picking on any child that was not in the "popular group". Whenever another student had had enough and stood up to this overly confident little ape, they were the one who ended up in trouble. It helped that his father, who was also a cocky ass bully when he was hired as a coach at the high school, was the principal at the high school by the time his brat reached the school. The principal at his middle school didn't want to piss off daddy, so he let this little entitled creep reek havoc against anyone he felt like until he could pass him on to his dad at the high school.

    I'm talking about Jerry McKechan and his obnoxious brat Patrick. Even though it was a long time ago it lends to the same preferential treatment of certain students today. In this most recent case the preferential treatment is being bestowed on the aggressors, the instigators, the hateful exclusive, little clique of uncivilized animals who were clearly on a mission the day this child was attacked. This child is an A student, with superior attendance. And let's just put it out there, she was WHITE. Anyone who took the time to listen to the narration by the BLACK girl who was coaching, if not demanding, the attack, she took the video. SHE introduced the video onto social media? And Jim Greenwald is pissed at the mother? The call made about it "sight unseen"?

    THE MOTHER DID NOT MAKE THIS SOCIAL, the girl who took the video did! She put it out like a badge of honor, an on-going threat about what happened and what she could make happen again if she felt like it. But our superintendent is pissed at this girl's mother. Tell me how this makes sense, tell me how this is a plausible reason for the ridiculously unprofessional stance in his equally ridiculous, unprofessional statement. Why blame the mother of the good student? The mother posted on her Facebook that when she returned her child to school, the same girl who attacked her daughter was screaming and threatening her again in the hall way. Right in front of the mother and right in front of the teachers. Thank you Coolidge staff for turning your backs and walking into your classrooms refusing to get involved. Useless cowards.

    Had this been a black student, attacked by white students, on school grounds, off school grounds, regardless, he would be addressing the media in person and promising he would move heaven and earth to insure this child's safety. But since the races are not reversed in the real life occurrence he is terrified to take the same stance. If not for the fear of retaliation for his staff or himself, then for the fear of BLM-like protests of racism and the ensuing media coverage.

    You are insisting on what should be done? I'll tell you what should be done. ZERO TOLERANCE of bullying or threats of bullying from the moment your child walks out their front door until they walk into that same door after school. School is mandatory, parents can be jailed for their children not attending school. Since attendance is mandatory, the time getting to and from school, is a school board issue.

    Mr. Greenwald wants to bury his head, fine...that's a question of leadership and should be addressed by his employers, the Granite City School Board. The same board members we the citizens elect, that part is on us. Mr. Greenwald wants to blame the mother for refusing to accept his lame offer of allowing this child a five minute head start to escape her attackers every day after school, THAT IS DISTURBING AND THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. That is passing the buck.

    I have read many comments about this and you have about one quarter of the commenters kissing the butts of Greenwald and the board, those are the people who have connections either through employment, through family relationships or through friendships who know without fail their own child would not have the District Superintendent ignoring, if not intentionally hiding, what happened. These are the same people who are ripping this mother and her daughter apart on social media. Mr. Greenwald has no problem with this type of negative social media apparently because it's aimed at the victim and her mother. That is so sad and self serving.

    Then you have the other seventy five percent who are outraged and are demanding answers and a stop to what is clearly and on-going problem. These are the people who do not have the right connections, who do not live in the "right" neighborhoods...and it looks like even Jim Greenwald cannot shut up that many people.

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