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    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 14, 2017, 11:00 pm, in reply to "District 9"

    I dont know Mr. Greenwald from Mr. Green Jeans, but im not impressed with his social media response. His short,darting,defensive reply was not reflective to the seriousness of the video i saw. Who knows how many beat downs this little girl has taken,and of course she is not alone.
    My advice is for the mother of this daughter to get an attorney and commence to suing some asses. That will certainly get peoples attention, it always does. In the meantime their is noway i would i send that little girl back to that chaos until the matter is addressed in a responsible manner. This young girl appeared much smaller than those out of control girls taking turns on her and she could be harmed very seriously if this is allowed to continue. Those responsible for this ongoing violence need suspended and ultimately kicked out of the school if they dont want to act civilized. Let their parents be the ones having to wonder what to do next. That goes for any severe and on going physical abuse in any district no matter whose kids are at fault. Giving a child a 5 minute head start as some sort of a solution is almost not even fathomable. That kind of make believe, quick fix shows a total lack of understanding of the situation to me. When will something reasonable be done,when one of these kids is beat to death?
    Im sure Mr. Greenwald was not pleased that this sad story has got so much attention, but his biggest concern has to be the students safety,not that he was called out. I dont even have kids in school but this story should offend us all. If the school administrators cant handle the problem, the district needs to find someone who can.

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