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    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 16, 2017, 12:03 am, in reply to "Re: District 9"

    Some people want to blame the school administrators some want to blame the police, hell im sure a few think Trump is to blame. If im the parent of this little girl i dont much give a rats ass who takes the biggest hit for allowing this to continue on and on. Since the police arrested one student and the school suspended another, both entities have made at least a half assed attempt to deal with the situation.
    We know some of these attacks have occurred on school grounds and we know other kids have been attacked by the same group. The biggest problem that some see is that this has got out and many parents see actual proof of what is going on. They dont like that this video has gone viral, they prefer the masses remain out of the loop. Well, that ship has sailed.
    Granddad tells a story about another time that similar things went on in what i will call the good ole days. Nowadays however girls are every bit as devious and brutal as the boys and the attacks are often more mob like in nature. Maybe these girls are jealous of this A student,because they can barely do 4th grade math while in the seventh grade. I really dont much care what their reasons are as this girl being beat on is about half the size of some of those other girls.
    In the meantime while everyone blames and defends who they want to blame and defend, very little if anything changes for this little girl and so many others.
    I dont know any of these kids, but i believe the little girls mother and i feel bad that things had to come to this in order to get people off their asses and doing something about it. It shouldnt be that its according to whose kid it is thats being bullied if something will be done or not. Do we need to have the students wear body cams now too? Im sure it wont be long until someone suggests just that.

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