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    Posted by Wally Bunker on September 17, 2017, 3:20 pm, in reply to "Re: Granite City Football"

    I guess for all practical purposes, most years the conference is a two team conference. Sometimes Belleville West joins in and occasionally one of the others, but never ever Collinsville, Alton or Granite. Id be happy to take Edwardsville and East Side at the beginning of the season a and give you the rest and let you name the wager. Id be rich by now, which would be a welcome change.
    With the QB i think Granite would stomp Collinsville, but i see no other sure wins in this conference for them, with or without him. East Side could let the kicker play QB and still beat every team in the conference except maybe West and Edwardsville by 50 points, and they could do it damn near every season. Sounds like a good time for the rest of the league.
    I hear you on blaming the coach, just i dont feel that way. He probably had fans in his ear telling him they were a playoff team after starting 2 and 0, even in here i saw that false hope shining through. Thats what people do, its a normal reaction The coach wanted to give the team its best chance to win and im sure the QB and his family had no problem with it. Its not all that unusual for a high school player to play on both sides of the ball. If it works out the fans talk about the kids versatility and how much of a competitor he is, and if he gets hurt, well you know what some people say then. Of course those same people dont say anything until an injury occurs in most cases. Again, thats what people do, everyone is a Monday morning quarterback to some degree. Im undefeated as a coach in several sports.
    No the Tigers arent a state contender this year, but as you just learned they had more than enough to handle at least one team and i doubt they are finished just yet. Thats my whole point, even in a down year they were able to easily defeat GC and they will more then likely do that to several other teams before this season is over.
    Im sure the depth issue is a huge factor for GC as i think Collinsville has very similar issues. That is a perfect reason to get out of a loaded conference if i ever heard one. Why should schools who can only compete every blue moon when they have one super athlete have to play against schools who have every advantage imaginable? Who wants to lose 55 to 0 every year to East St.Louis?
    Whatever excuse you can come up with still doesnt make it any more comforting to the teams constantly getting clobbered. They can say what they want, GC got out of this conference for many reasons,one was they were tired of playing East Side and Edwardsville in football. Thats not giving up, thats being intelligent. Collinsville should take note and a few others should also. Perhaps they are hanging around because in many years they can still compete in baseball and basketball. So the football team gets to play the sacrificial lamb role.
    High school sports should still be a level of play where the players can have fun, even if it is preparing some of the better players for a possible college career. Maybe more kids would play if they felt the playing field wasnt slanted against them in such an unfair manner.
    Im hardly a bleeding heart but these are kids, not adults.
    Years ago nobody wanted any part of Granite City in soccer or wrestling, and even though those days are over, i dont see the gap closing on the football field and nobody else thinking clearly does either. Most years its a two team conference and once in a while it expands to a four team conference. Oh what fun.

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