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    Posted by Wally Bunker on August 29, 2017, 8:57 pm, in reply to "Protests"

    I dont actually blame BLM or Antifa for acting in the manner that they do, with Antifa probably being the worst of the two. The reason they act like animals, throwing balloons and bottles filled with feces and urine at people is because up to this point they have done so with little or no push back. Why not clobber someone with a baseball bat when the response is a big fat nothing? Leave a dozen of them laying in the street full of holes and that kind of behavior will cease real quick. Its easy to be big and bad when you are knocking the hell out of people when you have a 20 to 1 advantage.
    George Soros should have been sent to GITMO after the first Berkeley riot, since he funds most of this insanity. As far as the media fanning the flames, well of course they are, thats what they do, thats what they are. Academia and the MSM are now nothing more than branches of the Democrat Party. If anything they want to drive the party even farther left. They are much like ISIS only with less dignity.
    So again, until Anitifa is no longer being sub contracted by the DNC dont count on them changing tactics any time soon. Until they get knocked hard on their asses they see no reason to change, and in some sick twisted way i understand them feeling that way.

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