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    Posted by Opie2 on August 29, 2017, 7:25 pm

    So yesterday we hear a group of protestors claiming there will be civil disruption if the police officer on trial for murder is acquitted.

    We hear phrases like , "no justice, no peace" and "goin downtown to burn it down".

    So let's just call this what it is. These thugs are trying to intimidate the judge (no jury trial) to make a decision whereby he can send a possibly innocent man to jail or he can watch rabble set fires, loot and block highways.

    You know what folks? If you don't like the people writing the laws, elect people of your mindset and change the laws. If you feel you need to stand outside a courthouse and hold signs begging for equality, I'll help you.

    However, the media continues too fan a flame that is getting larger and more dangerous by the minute. When thee people are given audience, they get exactly what they need. Dr. King never used violence to accomplish his goals and he got far more done for racial equity than these anarchist ever will.

    You set fire to the wrong business, keep an emergency vehicle from their route or physically harm others, you are opening the door for people who are getting sick of it. Somewhere, someday, someone is going to pull a gun and fire on one of these people. Then, all hell will break loose.

    Today, President Trump informed law enforcement that he is repealing Obama's order about local cops inheriting military hardware. Note, he's not giving these departments weapons like guns and tanks. He's supplying them with defensive equipment such as body armor, armor plated vehicles and gas masks. I applaud that. No police officer should have to be spat on or have some animal throw urine on them. No officer should have to worry about patrolling the streets and being shot at just because he/she is a cop.

    The media should focus on things like Houston where you see black men helping white men, people wearing a confederate bandana carrying a black woman to a boat. That doesn't fit their agenda though.

    Hopefully the new governor of Missouri will not handcuff state and local police the way the last administrations did. Protect yourselves and your community officers and know that those of us who are just as sick of this as you, have your back.

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