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    Posted by stephen adler on March 31, 2018, 10:34 pm, in reply to "Re: Rain Water"

    Contamination is an issue in both lakes; presumably US Steel in Horseshoe and Chemetco (sp?) In Long lake. Yeah we may have some ownwership issues if it is indeed private property.

    Yes, we need a wide variety of permits, but it has to start somewhere. If somebody with real resources like the Army Corps or the State of Illinois doesn't step up, it's all gonna be elevation 410.

    Every cubic foot of silt deplaces a cubic foot of water: 7.48 gallons. Since there will be less opportunity to manage the stormwater, MESD can't store it there and pump it down at a constant rate. Silt robs this (or any) drainage system of it's elasticity. The faster the water runs off, the faster MESD must pump it. North Pump Station was built in 1935. Most taxpayers don't understand there is no emergency power source there. If you have no emergency power source, you had better be able to store water until you do!

    We'll fix it, but we have to start now; it's the only outcome we will accept. Contact your local elected officials to help.

    Resources for a good read wiki on our oxbow lake:


    Happy to discuss any of this with anybody. Here or call MESD at 618-452-9400.

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