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    Posted by Wally Bunker on March 31, 2018, 2:00 am, in reply to "Re: Rain Water"

    Chris may be on to something as far as Prenzler sending allies a memo to sing his praises on social media, but we all know Kurt didnt invent that kind of tactic in the office he holds. A majority of the people dont care who takes a bow for the credit, they just want problems solved. Thats not really fair, but it is just the way it is oftentimes.
    I remember during the 2016 flood, most of the politicians were passing the buck. Ill never forget the meeting at the township where the supervisors message was, ask Pontoon Beach. Pontoon Beach at the very least attempted to answer questions even though that by that point a few of the questioners were being unreasonable and finger pointing. I learned at that meeting, this is a complicated issue and we can do some things, but a real fix is going to be quite costly. Maybe that wasnt exactly what some wanted to hear, but compared to the township meeting, even being told the obvious was not so bad.

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