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    Posted by Opie2 on January 23, 2018, 5:00 pm, in reply to "Re: Trump Keeps his promises"

    Thus, no human beings are illegal.

    No but there are human beings who commit illegal acts. It's kind of like liberals saying guns kill people.

    I drove 50 down my local main drag today, where the limit was 35 the whole way. Using that logic, I guess today I too am an ILLEGAL.

    No, it means you committed an illegal act by exceeding the posted speed limit (law) I would hope that had you been caught, the police would have enforced said law.

    Illegals should also be the owners of these produce farms who pay sub minimum wage - withhold nothing for taxes and offer no safety precaution

    The too are committing illegal acts and I 100 % agree. Fine them, pull their business licenses or put them in jail. All acceptable to me. There was a story about two years ago about a roofer near here that used illegals. They caught him and fined him. You can probably look at some of the businesses near us such as farms and landscapers who do the same.

    What about human trafficking and those that profit from it? Are they not illegals too?

    Your whole defense is going to be, "they do it to"? Try that in court my friend. The judge will laugh at you. You're saying we should condone one criminal act because others are just as guilty.

    Going back to your scenario about speeding. You and I are driving down the same road. The limit is 35. You're going 45 and the cop stops you while I went by just a second earlier doing 40. We're both in violation. You got caught.

    I'll gladly pay more for any service if we can guarantee people in this country legally can get those jobs at better than the slave wages given the illegals.

    This upswing in the economy will hopefully increase jobs and wages which will ultimately cause interest rates to rise. I'll pay higher interest rates to a lender to guarantee a fellow American can get a job at a decent wage.

    The plain and simple fact is that there are people here illegally. An illegal act goes against the premise of law that this country was built on. You can make any excuse you want. You can close your eyes to it or say, "it's such a small crime". You can be sympathetic to those that break the law. There are people who felt sorry for Charles Manson. Cutting through all that BS it is illegal. Period.

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