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    Posted by 3Dee on January 23, 2018, 3:28 pm, in reply to "Re: Trump Keeps his promises"

    I could define illegal all day long, but if Congress and the President act outside of the law or around the law, then what would it matter what someone at the bottom does ---- except they don't have the protection from the consequences, nor can they write their way out of illegality.

    Illegal is an adjective for a verb - never a common noun nor an adjective to modify a proper noun. Already, when we go contrary to that rule, we are already exuding our own superiority or highlighting that there are some people out there in some way, shape, or form that are a step lower than we are. Thus, no human beings are illegal.

    I drove 50 down my local main drag today, where the limit was 35 the whole way. Using that logic, I guess today I too am an ILLEGAL.

    Furthermore getting back to a possible solution....

    We know that draconian measures will never work and the price tag on that wall will never be close to what they say it is...but will far exceed it...if many parts of it won't be held up in litigation.

    Porous borders are no solution for a variety of common sense reasons - such as security and in knowing who is in our country at all times.

    Illegals should also be the owners of these produce farms who pay sub minimum wage - withhold nothing for taxes and offer no safety precautions.

    How come they are not Illegals?

    What about the owners of poultry farms and stock yards?

    How about even Midwestern farm owners?

    Why are they not called illegals - when they hire people under the table?

    Why are they too not treated with the same inferiority?

    I kind of think we know why.

    You want me to define Illegal, I'd be glad to do so.

    What about human trafficking and those that profit from it? Are they not illegals too?

    Again --- it's possible --- to find a place where the three meet ---- National interest/Business interest/ and the economic interest of those willing to work.

    Find a way where the Illegals who hire immigrants are registering them, paying them at least minimum wage, and withholding income tax. Make sure that minimally the job is safe and minimally that they will be insured from injury.

    Such a system is not a drain on the economy....no one here wants to hear that side either...

    Or you can have it the draconian way....but I hope you are not a big fan of fruits and vegetables... You'll have it rotting on the ground while it will cost $10/lb for the produce that actually makes it on the shelves.

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