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    Posted by Opie2 on January 22, 2018, 9:10 am, in reply to "Re: Trump Keeps his promises"

    Actually dee, my respect comment was for Mr. Chris. However, I'll address you. In your scenario the young Korean's parents had an opportunity to become legal citizens. If they did, welcome to America. My heritage is England and Ireland. I'm sure when my great, great grandparents came here they had to change their way of life.

    All that most reasonable conservatives are saying is do it legally. Obama even spoke of deportation for those who are here illegally. Did you think he was a harsh uncaring bast***? Of course you didn't.

    What don't we understand about the term illegal? To be here illegally means you are breaking a law set up by the congress of the United States. Unfortunately some of them merely don't have the balls to enforce those laws. Why? Because it will cost them votes in decades to come.

    And yes dee, many of the "illegals" are welfare rats. They take benefits away from people who have been here for a lifetime like my veteran friends who can barely get good health care.

    Let me ask you this and I'll pose the same question to Mr. Chris. I believe we all know Mr. Chris is in the government at Pontoon Beach and I believe we all know him to be forthright and honest.

    Let's say good old Opinionated is driving down HWY 11 at 70 mph.
    A Pontoon officer pulls him over and says, "Hey Opie, you're speeding".

    I realize that officer. I knew it was against the laws but I've been speeding through here once a week when I play golf in Woodriver and was never stopped.

    The officer says, "now Opie, you know that the law not being enforced one day doesn't mean that you're not breaking it and I can't enforce it today don't you"?

    Turning a blind eye to the law doesn't make it legal dee. It makes those in charge of responsible for enforcing the laws look weak.

    I'd be wide open to an idea you have on how to fix this problem. Do you have any idea what it cost to allow these illegals to be here? Ask a school teacher about having to teach English as a second language. Ask the courts how many of these people are fined and don't pay those fines.

    You tell me how we can fix it but remember the laws are in place already. You want to close the borders completely now and grant amnesty to the eleven million here now? That might work.

    I'm all ears and will gladly hear from the "Book of Dee" on how to fix things. Opie doesn't have a dictionary. Opie has common sense and a fairly good understanding of what is legal and what is illegal.

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