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    Posted by 3Dee on January 23, 2018, 6:58 am, in reply to "Re: Trump Keeps his promises"

    Immigration and healthcare are two areas where Obama could have done a much better job. We are not on the health care topic for the moment.

    Immigration ----

    Alabama tried some draconian laws a few years ago, to make it so formidable that no one would have a reason to go to Alabama.

    They had to reverse the legislation; they found out they needed that work force after all.

    You will perennially see the guilt in those at the bottom while looking away at the actions of the beneficiaries. While the real takers are the billionaires and those who milk communities by finding ways out of paying taxes, you'll always have disdain for the poor.

    When that happens, the solutions that follow usually are equally draconian and harsh in their direction.

    Somehow the poor brought it upon themselves, and the criteria of those actually needing it, probably could fit easily through the narrow door. People who benefit a few hundred here and there are the real problems....so we must spend billions to solve our loss of millions....

    I think a solution lies in the middle curve of actual human compassion and also benefiting our business interests.

    For the millionth time (and it never seems to get through) you want to villify the person at the bottom crossing the fence or overstaying the visa.

    You don't ever seem to bring up the landowner or other business people who cut corners and give them the economic incentive to come over.

    Let's find where the common good lies for business, for government, and for the people looking for opportunities to feed their families.

    First of all --- the Dreamers are different, no matter the black/white convenient thinking you want to impose. No one can choose where they were born or raised....not at age 1, not even at age 15. If they're not a problem...then let them be.

    For the ones who are coming over --- let's acknowledge that we need their labor -- they need the money --- and the government needs their taxes..... And with that, their safety on the job is assured...

    And the rest of the solution, I don't have time for ... maybe on a coffee break... but that's a beginning.

    But as long as we just keep disdaining the people at the bottom.... the people at the top will keep the masses distracted while they continue their larger money grabs. That's how one becomes putty in Trump's hands.

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