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    Posted by Opie2 on January 12, 2018, 1:54 pm, in reply to "Re: I am truly sorry"

    Where to begin:

    The better question is why would you not care and why can he in your book do no wrong?

    Let's see, I pointed out that he speaks like he should be in a pool room. I'm not fond of his tweets but you, as many liberals, consider one positive word about Trump a ringing endorsement. Makes no sense and so easy to discredit.

    He is the president of a nation of 323.1 million people.

    Yes he is even though millions of snowflakes wearing vagina hats go around screaming "not my President". Oh and let's not forget that probably 2-3 million of those are here illegally so he does not represent them.

    If Donald Trump's words and actions can still just roll off you - and he can continue forward with no accountability - then that's on you...

    I felt the same way about Obama. When he went on his apology tour, I considered him weak. When he supported BLM rhetoric instead of law enforcement, I considered him a coward. So that was on you using your logic dee.

    I have a moral objection.....

    You have a differing opinion on morality. That's up to each person's beliefs.

    Here's the real deal. Dee, in the last forty years I would venture that I donated more money to the democrats than almost anyone in this town. I've walked among them, broken bread with them. Many state level politicians were actually friends of mine.

    However, when the Clintons and more so Hillary took this party to hell, I wouldn't give them a shiny dime. They are no longer the party of the American worker. If one of you can tell me how a no name like Barack Obama went into the WH with very little personal wealth and came out a millionaire and still profess them to be about middle America, explain it to me.

    One more question and then I'm done arguing because it proves fruitless. How is YOUR life today different than it was the past 8 or for that matter 20 years? My personal wealth has remained about the same. I kept my family insured. I put my two kids through college on my dime and their scholarships. In other words, political parties are about their own gain.

    Looking forward to baseball season when we can talk about important things again.

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