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    Posted by 3Dee on January 12, 2018, 1:45 pm, in reply to "Re: I am truly sorry"

    Thanks for your compliment Dave! If I remind you of Joel or Joyce -- that means I could do a better job of separating people from their money.

    I am afraid I cannot compete with Joyce and Joel...sorry to disappoint you.

    With a marginal amount of talent and enough knowledge to get by --- I am able to get by with the things I need and sometimes a few things, but not everything that I want. Thank God - I work -- and it comes to be.

    Being that said---

    When something affects my feelings --- it probably doesn't get discussed at all.

    When something affects my thoughts and beliefs -- it is up for conversation. It can be debated. Good people can disagree.

    When something gets to the level of the conscience --- that's where the debate ends. Simply put -- one has to make a choice. The good cannot stand in support of the bad.

    I am sorry if that still doesn't make sense. These statements of djt affect me not on the feeling level, nor the thinking/believing level, but this time on the level of conscience.

    He is a bad man....and as a good person I cannot believe him to be good and cannot believe that good people can share the sentiments he has on immigrants and their countries.

    I sleep tonight, with a good conscience.

    ..hopefully I'll be able to sleep..but it won't be my conscience that keeps me awake.

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