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    Posted by 3Dee on January 11, 2018, 11:50 pm

    I am truly sorry for my thread "RACIST IN Chief" when I excoriated the current president for his blatantly ignorant assault on Elizabeth Warren in front of a group of Navajo Americans who served this country proudly in the second World War.

    I was truly too kind to the man. Over many months, he just kept opening his mouth.

    While I had the Chance.... I should have changed the subject to "Bigoted -Alpha Sierra Sierra Hotel Oscar Lima Echo - in Chief."

    Why do you ask?


    Granite City --- please tell me you're better than this.

    Even Alabama said there is a line we do not want to cross....and Roy Moore is not representing them in the Senate. Alabama is a proud state and it's okay that they swing conservative - but even they know when enough is enough. Please Granite City, you have it in you, draw the line.

    Racism has cost the river bottom plenty already....you do want to turn the tide, don't you?

    How can you still defend a man who refers to other countries as "Sierra Hotel India Tango Hotel Oscar Lime Echo" Countries? What good can come from that?

    Now I realize that my language wasn't the best on here either ---- but now we have a president -- that when he speaks, we have to make sure our children aren't listening.

    Is that what we want in a leader?

    Do you want someone whose not-so-subtle "Make America Great Again" might as well mean "Make America White Again"?

    Do you want someone who thrives off your hatred and fear?

    Wouldn't you want someone who inspires the best in you?

    When I was growing up in Granite City, there were many women and men who inspired the best in me. Most were Democrats but of the five Republicans scattered throughout Granite City back in the day...there were three of four of those who were inspiring people as well.

    Oh yes, my days growing up were far from idyllic -- but there were those few people who I looked up to. Some disappointed me later --- but many were class acts until they were relocated to St. John's, Sunset Hills or Calvary.

    Some were related, some were teachers, mentors and the such....
    Some got their hands dirty and others dressed up very well. The best of them could do both.

    It is the proud part of Granite City I try to cling to in my life in the here and now. Those are the people, in spite of many others, who still prompt me to say I am proud that i am from Granite City Illinois...not St. Louis area...not Southern Illinois near St. Louis....and I could never call good ole Granite a suburb of anything..it has always been its urb.

    Being that said --- at no point would anyone who would have retained my respect into adulthood --- been a person who saw themselves racially superior or viewed other countries as 'sh---hole countries'. As a kid, some were people I thought I could respect -- but as I grew older, I was able to also see other things about them that told me "They may still be good people, but I just cannot be anything like them."

    I just do not understand how you can still give any respect toward president #45.

    Quite frankly, there are things out there more important than money. I am still not convinced that his fiscal policy will continue to lead us in the direction of prosperity. I will not take away the fact that we are in a good place with the money part -- but these kinds of policies have backfired long term in the past and I am cautious about that.

    And his foreign policy and just everything else scares the hotel echo lima lima out of me.

    If I ever hinted no confidence toward djt in the past .... Well the hint is over... We'll be lucky if this man doesn't get a billion people killed.

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