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    Posted by CrackerJack on January 12, 2018, 2:23 am, in reply to "Re: I am truly sorry"

    Reach out for some help Dee. Seek out therapy, you have let politics, this last election, and our current President get to you to the point you sound unhinged.

    Go try to save the people of your own town. Save your ridiculous ideas and opinions for those you surround yourself with, your own neighbors and friends. You don't even live here! Preach in your own back yard. Clean up, and rid your own neighborhood of those nasty Republicans. See if you can beat that race card a little more to guilt your own neighbors off the Trump train. It's not happening here.

    I could not care less that you hate President Trump. To each his own. What I do care about is you insisting that you WILL get your way, and make us all see the light (Dee's light) and change all of our minds by constantly shoving this liberal nonsense down everyone's throat that comes here.

    You asked "Wouldn't you want someone who inspires the best in you?" I can answer that, yes, that is why I gave him my vote. It's about time we have someone who has the balls to say what most of us are thinking. I am thrilled that he refuses to back down and conform. We have been left in the dust for the last 8 years. Our once respected country became a laughing stock. We were taken advantage of not only by foreign countries, but by foreigners, in our own country. The more they wanted, the more we gave. We gave away the kitchen sink, and when they demanded more, we gave them the house to go along with that sink. No more. If that makes me a racist, then I'm guilty as charged!

    I am "Better than" the last 8 years and Granite City born and raised. Better luck to you in your own neck of the woods!

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