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    Posted by 3Dee on December 9, 2017, 4:32 pm, in reply to "Re: Bye Al"

    Now take this with the lighthearted spirit it was intended and that text is not able to convey...but...

    There are so many people out there with psychological issues just waiting to hear that thing they wanted someone else to say.

    If only daddy would have said "Son, I'm proud of you.." If only Mom would have said "Son, you're a grown man now and doing a good job making decisions on your own..." If only the mother in law would have said "She's lucky to have you..." If only the wife would have said "Honey, don't you think you need a beer fridge for both the basement AND the garage?"

    Oh yes, if only they would have said....

    It will be the day I say --- "Donald Trump is doing a great job..."

    Or maybe --- April 1...

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