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    Posted by Opie2 on December 9, 2017, 11:36 am, in reply to "Re: Bye Al"

    If you can further see that this president is a despotic tyrant..

    Care to elaborate on why you think this is so?

    If you can see that this is not a conspiracy by the media, but he brings the negativity to himself..

    More than likely a little of both. He antagonizes but as proven yesterday, networks like CNN are so anxious to get him that they end up with egg on their faces and have to recant. It's happened twice in the last two weeks. So anxious to make this guy a criminal that they report partial truths. Shame on him fro calling them fake news.

    If you can continue to stick to the issue and not throw in a bunch of personal externals to the poster.

    So let's talk issues. 85 record days in the stock market. Best job growth in many years. A communist dictator that hasn't backed us down. A proposed military budget that puts us back where we should be. A record tax break passed in both houses. A win in the supreme court on tougher immigration laws.

    Yes Dee, he is a loud mouth off the wall kind of guy but you guys seem to want to ignore the issues of successes he has had because you still hate the fact that he beat your queen. Come on.

    OM is an intelligent poster had has given me many good battles. I like his screen name and enjoy the debate.

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