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    Posted by Wally Bunker on December 7, 2017, 7:47 pm, in reply to "Bye Al"

    The thing i didnt like about Franken was the slimy way he beat Norm Coleman. He contested the election and brought in an army of attorneys to dispute every vote possible. Coleman didnt have any money to speak and the states Secretary of State was a Democrat,so he was already facing an uphill battle. After numerous recounts Franken finally got the results he wanted and that was that, Coleman was done.
    IMO once Conyers decided to retire and keep his pension, Franken was cooked. Some of Conyers insiders were asking why was he being singled out and not Frankin? The DNC did not want to anger one of their biggest voter blocs which was a wise decision, so Franken had to take one for the team.
    None of this is really about Conyers or Frankin, this is all for show. Conyers was near the end anyway and he will be replaced by a younger Democrat. Franken was simply collateral damage, they were willing to sacrifice him knowing again he will be replaced by another liberal. The goal is to be able to say, look, we dealt with our sexual predators, now what about Moore and of course the real prize, Trump. The media will muddy the waters and compare bought and paid for accusers in the same vain as photographic evidence and women that worked in close proximity to those accused of wrongdoing. Since he no longer serves a meaningful role, the DNC will even graciously now admit that perhaps they were wrong in not treating Bill Clintons accusers with even the slightest bit of dignity. They lose virtually nothing by doing this and in fact will try to take the high ground and claim they are coming clean.
    The bottom line is if either Conyers or more so Franken were to be replaced by a Republican, neither of them would be going anywhere. Is it sneaky and devious, of course, but it is the smart play here.
    They want to be seen as being above the fray, but what have they really sacrificed? Not a damn thing really. Sneaky, devious, and also smart.

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