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    Posted by Wally Bunker on August 1, 2017, 10:32 pm, in reply to "Re: Molina Update. "

    Some people think for all the talent Tony had he should have won much more than he did, especially with some of those loaded Oakland teams. Also, his claiming to no nothing of the Bash Brothers roid use borders on insanity. Of course he knew. Having said that Tony was a damn good tactician IMO ,but apparently not so good in the front office.
    Now you may not like Matheny, but Larussa was second guessed by the peanut gallery also and quite often. Overall he was given better players to manage. Whatever any one of us on the outsides opinion is on Matheny, he is a major league manager. Like players,not all managers have equal talent. I see him as a middle of the road manager running a borderline playoff team, that has no real number three or four hitter and a bullpen that is just ugly. I blame him no more than the GM or those idiots that were caught spying on the Astros. Joe Torre saved them from really getting made an example of.
    Molina simply sees an opportunity and has chosen now to use his leverage against a sitting manager during the stretch drive of a playoff run.
    Matheny wasnt the one also that signed the two bad contracts in the off season. Fowler has been a bust and Molina is way over paid.
    Oquendo was in the running for the managers job, but it was decided that he would NOT be able to handle the post game show featuring question and answer media sessions because his English is poor.
    If Molina had an issue with Matheny he should have marched his ass into the managers office closed the door and had it out with him, not run to social media and trash him like that.
    If upper management allows him to run Matheny out of town, they may as well let him name his replacement and run the winter meetings too.
    BTW, yes i understand that most Cardinal fans will support the player no matter what. As a fan of the Orioles i find that teams owner to be the worst in baseball by far. Showalter is a good manager, they just dont have any pitching.
    Tonys ordeal with Ozzie was a bit different than the current situation. The team brought in Royce Clayton and Ozzie was placated by being told which ever of them had the better spring training would be the starting shortstop. Ozzie clearly had the better spring, but Tony lied to him and handed the job to Clayton. Ozzie never forgave him for that. He could have made things much hotter for Tony than he did, but for the most part he bit his tongue. Molina should maybe try that. His job is to hit his .270 and take the millions he is paid for that.
    Its nice bantering with a sports fan with an opposing view. Im more of a fanatic on football, yikes.

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