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    Molina Update. Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on August 1, 2017, 5:59 pm

    In recent months when i said the Cardinals screwed up when they way over paid Molina and Fowler, at the time i wasnt aware that Molina was also to become the teams new General Manager.Molina figures the team is stuck with him because nobody would take on his contract unless the Cardinals paid huge chunk of it.
    Now hes going to take to social media to undermine the manager not once, but twice. Big shock he loves Jose Oquendo. I bet Matheny would love Buster Posey too, but thats not how it works.
    A team struggling to stay in contention doesnt need distractions, but this ego maniac doesnt care.Hes going to flex his muscles now and see if he can run Matheny out of town. Maybe he will succeed.
    Molina isnt Barry Bonds, who did have that kind of clout, and hes not Lebron James or Magic Johnson either, hes just Yadier Molina and aging catcher that is being way over paid for what he actually produces these days on the field. On his very best day id consider him Pudge Rodriguez lite and his best days are long over with.
    Molina wants evryone to tip toe around him like hes some God, hes never been that damn good where he deserved that kind of adoration.
    p This team isnt all that special, but they dont have the players. If it wasnt from the Memphis call ups they would be battling the Reds for last place. Its easy to just blame the manager, but how about the front office and the players, why do they get free passes?
    I dont give a rats ass about Matheny or really if the Cardinals ever score another run, but its B.S. that Matheny is getting all the bad raps. You win as a team, you lose as a team.

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