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    Posted by Opie2 on August 1, 2017, 7:48 pm, in reply to "Molina Update. "

    Wrong my knowledgeable friend.

    This is very much like the relationship that Tony had with then (most popular player) Ozzie. Tony won that battle. The difference is Tony was a MANAGER and Matheny isn't. Matheny in my opinion is the worst manager the Cardinals have ever had with the possible exception of Vern Rapp in the 70's.

    This team can't win with Matheny at the helm. His shuffle the deck starting line up and such bush league errors as taking Carpenter out of the lead off position is but one of many of his foolish decisions.

    He seems to hate his starting line up because he is so quick with the hook that the pitchers have broken necks.

    Matheny was a favorite of the front office because he's a nice guy and is "eye candy" for the female audience. He is NOT a baseball manager just because he caught.

    He puts no focus on defensive baseball and when you have a sub-standard offense, you have to play good fundamental baseball. Oquendo was the primary drive behind the defense and now he's nowhere to be found.

    I applaud Yadi for calling a spade a spade. The problem with this team is lack of leadership and a "leader" who lacks ability. When the wagon isn't moving you shoot the dead horse, feed it to the members of the wagon train and tell them, they're next.

    Time for a change. Matheny must go.

    Of course all of the Cardinal problems are the fault of Trump working with the Russians to make the Cubs great again.

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