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    Posted by Nick on March 30, 2017, 7:35 pm, in reply to "Re: differences "

    Thanks Kelly I can respect what you say I don't think you were ever disrespectful like lots of others are here.

    We seem to want the best for our dollars in the township We may differ on who is better for the position I have no ill will for anyone at the township who is an elected official

    I have been very vocal and loud sometimes for the good and not for the good it turns people off even though they work for us the taxpayer.

    Ok Kelly I hate addressing you by horsey girl LOL

    I still think numbers at the meeting would be better

    FYI I have called the attorney general on the board a while back and started a controversy because of what I was told was going before the meetings

    Looking back at the situation I felt that I was lied to just to start a issue and it turned out to be a lie what I was told

    looking back I should have bought it to the meeting before I went to the states attorney

    It turned out to be nothing and I will not mention any names here but it would shock you if you knew who it was

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