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    Posted by Nick on March 30, 2017, 7:52 am

    Horsey girl I agree if anyone who is disrespectful to Mel or anyone should be written up and fired if it continues. That is a two way street Don has been a lil nasty also-- that happens in the work place.

    I actually just read where Ron is suing the township I believe the only argument is that don had him doing that work as punishment for Luehmann sign That work is usually done by inmates

    I think the rest of his arguments are lame from what I read on the link here someone posted

    I also think don was punitive with tammy on the lawn mowing at the lift station and ladies room incident I complained at the meeting about her treatment.
    I brought this up openly at the meeting I did not endorse Tammy at the time but I sure didnít want her abused as an employee

    Don and I have had talks about what happened with Tammy several times after the incident He said she didn't want to work ect ok but you don't handle things the way he did you don't discipline that way you write them up and do it in a right procedure if an employee isnít working

    If Tammy was not doing a good job then address that issue don't punish the employee when a brush hog was the right way to do the job not a 20 inch mower

    I personally think me and you do want better for the township I hate calling you Horsey girl too LOL I would like to address you by name but its a no name no face gossip board

    I would like to see these people here that have issues come to a meeting and voice their concerns there and discuss it here after wards and have unity if possible

    I have brought up many issues at the meetings and will continue to do so in the future it would be better for all of us to go address these issues at the regular meetings and if we find anything not right get answers as a group

    Issues will never get resolved by talking about them here on GCG and insulting each other

    If we donít do it as a group at the meetings and hold them accountable why waste our time here on the issues when it needs to be addressed there

    Again I would like to see all of us that complain here at the meetings bringing up these issues as a group and getting amswers there and discuss it here further

    I found a few people here hide here and make comments with out a real name to their comments and get nasty not all here but a select few but I try not to be nasty but the longer your here they bring out the nasty in normal people

    Ok lets all go to the meetings and voice our concerns and do it in numbers

    If there is wrong found then as a group take it further and fan the flame there and keep the pressure on

    I have complained about all the things discussed here at the meeting but the biggest gossipers here don't seem to have the right stuff to address their concerns in public and show a face like I do

    Its much easier to hide here and comment then be open and transparent

    Lets all join forces at the next meeting and make our concerns known there where it can be addressed properly and keep the heat on them to give us answers

    Lets put all our in fighting behind up and work as a group who ever gets elected now

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