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    Posted by horseygirl on March 30, 2017, 11:28 am, in reply to "differences "

    Nick, you would be surprised how many area issues have been solved right here on GCG. And you can call me Kelly, though I have become quite fond of my alter-ego, here. It suits me.

    Open discussion among people who can feel comfortable and safe about airing their thoughts and concerns can only do a population well--even with the trolls. And it has.

    It does no good to air concerns at meetings where those in charge look you in the eye and give you a bald-faced lie.

    Where protecting their power, pensions and people becomes more important than their actual job, or those who actually pay them to serve.

    I'm sure that when new people are in place in the Supervisor, Assessor and Trustee positions, then our concerns will be eased immediately.

    If the right people get elected we won't need to go at them in numbers or fan any flames or keep the pressure on, as is your intention. There WILL be a complete investigation in to the workings of the prior administration.

    If the wrong people remain seated or get put in to new positions of power, then the BS continues--and yes, the pressure will be intense. I have already committed myself to be there at the meetings.

    Please read Roberts Rules of Order on how to conduct public meetings for advice on how things are supposed to be conducted. I'm not very good at sticking to the rules, either, but there are some--and I hope the new Supervisor has a gavel and retains order in the meetings better than Mr. Viesmann has done with his circus.

    Also. Inmate help to pick up trash is not the ONLY way our trash gets picked up. Nameoki Township is under contract to the state to maintain the appearances of that stretch of road.

    The inmates work all over the county. It may be WEEKS before it's our turn to get them to pick up our litter. I hope not, because we have plenty for them to do, and mowing season is upon us. I hope they don't just chop it up.

    And from what I was told that employee was doing on our dime, he's lucky he didn't get written up and sent home for a week. Don let the man continue to pay his bills and do something that needed doing before mowing starts. Way too kind.

    It wasn't over any damn sign in the yard. Those that still have them up just don't pay attention enough to know, or are part of the problem. It's pretty easy to see, right now.

    As for the bathroom, I was told the girls in the front locked the door first so that Mel would have to go around, and the in-fighting progressed from there.

    Perhaps that was why that was started, then, so that Tammy would have an issue, now? Nothing would surprise me from them.

    As for her mowing with the hand mower, it was hard, but I've done it for the same reason on my low ground. Maybe Don should have had one of the boys do it, instead.

    Yes, things are definitely better when openly discussed in an open group such as this one, Nick, and when you hang with people you can trust.

    See you at the meetings.

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