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    Posted by horseygirl on March 30, 2017, 3:10 pm, in reply to "Re: differences "

    Well, if the people that Randy Presswood, after months of walking the streets of Nameoki Township, actually get to the polls and vote (voting residents who may not know how important this is might not show up at the polls in large numbers in the smaller elections).....

    And the fire department and all of their people vote for Danny out of loyalty and because they know he's a good guy and they like Mike and Chris and Terry and all of those who run Pontoon Beach.....

    And, all of those bought-and-paid-for crony votes for Randy Viesmann and Charlie and Tammy that we all know are out there. Their sign is still in too many yards, including my ex-husband's. (I wonder if that has anything to do with my treatment from Charlie and others down through the years? Hmmm..)

    (I DO think those boys on the water board were just sitting around drinking beer with our money. I also think that they might be paying better attention now. Maybe not.)

    Anyway, this three-way scenario might end up being a pretty even split for the votes. It's scary.

    I think either of the other candidates could beat Viesmann in a landslide were it just the two. But with the three? Viesmann COULD squeak by and win again. We just can't have that happen.

    I also think that Mr. Presswood has exhibited more interest and dedication to the Township Supervisor position for a much longer period of time than Danny has, and already has far more experience with the anticipated problems he might find.

    Again, people can be part of the ongoing problems, or be part our solutions.

    Pontoon Beach politics has already done the people of Nameoki Township a huge disservice, already, with their hand-picking and placing of their people here in Nameoki Township that have now caused us so many problems.

    We desperately need more new blood infused in to our political system.

    Sorry, Danny, but not sorry. Now is not the time for more petty politics from the Pontoon Beach VIP Political Party. Danny might very well be the best candidate they've ever offered up here as Supervisor, but they don't deserve another chance at this time to fill the position.

    Vote for Randy Presswood, it would be doing the right thing for the people of Nameoki Township, if people really care.

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