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    Posted by BetterGC on March 19, 2017, 10:19 pm, in reply to "Re: For Better GC"

    Oh you mean the owners of Madison county judges and lawyers, Callis Firm! Yeah that's a upstanding non corrupt group!

    Yes you did avoid annexations. You discussed the pointless rt 3 to Hartford that has yielded nothing, but did not comment on eds failure of 162 and emerald meadows area.

    The $1 building is a point of the city catering to friends as opposed to the best interest of the city's remember I worked for him first time. He had no opponent last time cause people gave up on the failing infrastructure and lowering house values worse then federal level and got out.

    Opie2 I stated fact but you chose to only believe the lies ed tells you or our bs rag of a paper. The developers should be searched out by ed and economic developer but did not. The names I have I passed to Art.

    Yes you are correct on Matt but ed treated him like crap cause Matt is intelligent and not part of the good ole boy club looking to benefit. Ed downright tried to f him out of his pension and is fighting his comp. this after Matt got over a million dollars for this city. Yeah that's how a good leader treats a person. Matt truly wants what's best for the city and is backing Art and will assist him in economic development.

    You say all fun opie and on here for years. But it's sad really as guys like you shun people for wanting to get involved if they oppose Ed. People like Dewey and opinioted had been on here and where terrible for possitvie benefit to this town and you go after anyone who wants to change the cycle of same old crap with diff name as Mayor. Same people at city hall under diff Mayor and it never changes or gets better and more and more leave for better progressive cities. Now our FD and PD are just stepping stones for younger men and women and that was never the case. Art wants to address that badly and meet with the guys and go over why moral so bad and dept in shambles. That's why the depts back Art.

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