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    Posted by BetterGC on March 19, 2017, 9:04 pm, in reply to "Re: For Better GC"

    City attorney Brian konzen in terrible. Brenda did the work no matter how you want to look at it.

    Don't feel sorry for me man! I feel sorry for the sheltered people like you who don't get out of granite and think a guy like ed is a good leader. That I pity you for and is sad. Other then a good movie to watch and a good pizza you have to go to edwardsville for everything else, like clothes shopping!

    Dude I have answered you on the go and when I can sit at a table to copy arts flier, which you won't care about, I will.

    See you avoided all the annexation issues. Remember I was on the FD and we get far more inside to city hall then anyone else. You only know what the media and ed tells you.

    The $1 building was reality and curious if you are one who was included as it sounds like it. Im nothing like Hillary as I don't and have never been PC or afraid to call out a fool as a fool or Hoosier. Ed and Paulla are the hillary stooges.

    No Art did not tell me about the levy ruse. That was developers who had interest to come in with quality business but not being friends with the city had no offers. Reality!

    If you know Matt Gasparovich, the retired fire captain who got the FD all the grant money, he can enlighten you on what the city should have done, continue to do and be needed for the future as the man is a business genius. He knew what edwardsville, collinsville and ofallon would do before it happened. Matt wrote grants and got money for the city then ed tossed him out, took credit and fighting the man on his disability for 10 years wasting taxpayer money. Disgusting and unethical!

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