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    Posted by Opie2 on March 19, 2017, 8:20 pm, in reply to "Re: For Better GC"

    LOL, I'll just declare victory knowing I'll never see that flier.

    What has Ed done?

    Rather you like it or not, downtown is at least no longer in a state of decay. The movie theater may not be a huge money maker for the city but it gives our youth something to do.

    There are three new places to eat downtown. How many were there before downtown got redeveloped?

    Under Ed, many derelict buildings have been torn down in the downtown area. While this doesn't necessarily create new business, it does clear the way for potential growth and as a fireman, I'm sure you know those derelict buildings are fire traps.

    I do know that until the Obama crash of 2008 and the decertification of the levee system, there was to be another development north of Lowes. I mentioned that earlier. You missed it.

    Under Ed, Granite City annexed property all the way up to Hartford on Route 3. That may not pay off immediately but it stops Edwardsville or some other entity from stealing it.

    Under Ed, we reduced the size of the city council and reduced the number of wards to 5.

    Those are a few of the things he HAS done. I'm hoping he moves forward with the corridor and also continues to focus on downtown.

    Now, if you're not going to put up information to support your man, just leave it at that. My guess is if Art knew you were on here rambling as you are, he would ask you to cool it until such time as he gave you the proper responses. It's clear all you know is deflection and evasive behavior. He has much more to offer than that I am sure.

    Good day sir.

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