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    Posted by Opie2 on March 19, 2017, 1:39 pm, in reply to "Re: Hagnauer flyer"

    Your deflecting not answering the question on term limits.

    There are no term limits currently so it's not worth arguing.

    The theater received money from the state and is not profitable. Don't believe me then file a FOIA.

    You're wrong. It's your claim. You prove it. No state money built that theater as you claimed. Simply wrong.

    Downtown looks better, but should not of been focus as that part of town is not the location of true growth potential.

    So Art would have let downtown further deteriorate? Got it.

    Maryville road land given to to many churches which is a real estate death.

    So it's Ed's fault that people left their land to churches? Once again, all of those churches were here before Ed but to blame them on any mayor is just foolishness.

    Rt 3 could of been pushed but want as no true economic developer.

    Who will be the new economic developer under Art? What is Art's plan for development? Be specific, especially on cost. (Oh and P.S., isn't Art related to the current EC?) Cousin maybe?

    The emerald meadows started with vondee but then selph failed and then ed failed when he agreed with pontoon mayor to not annex. He could of used the golf course to jump the tracks and take the land in. So not just vondee.

    I'm beginning to feel sorry for you. Emerald Meadows was to be annexed into Granite City by the builder. Ed wasn't even in the mix at that time. You're reaching now and losing credibility.

    What retired firemen you know. Probably useless ones. Vince was good paramedic and average firefighter but not a leader and no degree in fire science or even fire officer certifications and Kenny most certainly not. That was just to let him coach soccer. Ask the current firefighters as they state the department in shambles and moral the worst and it has become a stepping stone department:

    Do you read this stuff before you press enter? Useless firemen? I don't know of one fireman that's not worth his weight in gold. However, it's apparent someone in Art's camp does. How's that for low class? "Let Kenny coach soccer"? Really, the school board controls firemen promotions? LOL

    The Inspectors are old guys handed a job with no qualifications. Really those spots could be eliminated and fire department handle as in other cities with police for enforcement.

    Well let's see. I know firemen currently do inspections of all commercial buildings each year as I see their trucks everywhere doing so. Are all the firemen up to date on zoning codes? How about reading blue prints and approving construction. All the firemen expert in that field?

    I can come on here and state my facts and opinions as you do opie.

    But you're not stating any facts. You're stating conjecture. I've asked you to put up specific plans and you won't. No need for me to bother Art with questions. I know who I'm voting for. Art's an intelligent man. I'm surprised he doesn't give you more ammo or reign you in a bit as you are making him look bad.

    I have the same flyer as you do that Art handed out.

    Haven't seen one thing from Art in my neighborhood.

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