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    Posted by BetterGC on March 19, 2017, 10:14 am, in reply to "Re: Hagnauer flyer"

    Opie2 you keep asking tired what will Art do? But what has ed done and he has had 12 years! Term limits are desperately needed in Illinois at all levels. You want me tell you what art will do? Call him as his number is actually on his signs. But I do know he will bring in qualified people I stead of good old club. Brenda Whitaker was the main reason for downtown but the state paid for the theater. If they had not it would be shutdown. No one from outside GC is going downtown . RT 3 has been left for 12 years under Ed! Art sees it as s priority to bring outsiders in. Art has known for years that relying on the mill is bad move as it won't last forever. He believed in diversity and ed is all focused on downtown. Ed did not even know what a feasibility study is and kambarians kid is one of many good old boy appointments bad for this town. The reduction of cost at city hall will generate money and if you contact him he can give you more info.

    Edwardsville does not bad mouth there town cause it's awesome and is clean and brings the right businesses in and has people from all over do business. Ed thinks any business better than none and that is so wrong. We have multiple payday loan businesses and that's sign of collapse.

    Time for change and let's vote on Art and remove all Incumbents that are up and been around way to long. Term limits are needed at all levels!

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