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    Posted by Opie2 on March 19, 2017, 12:55 pm, in reply to "Re: Hagnauer flyer"

    Opie it's obvious you are a ed crony from all your past posts! You are smart enough to support Trump but missing the mark in GC. Not talking about pawn shops opie but titlemax loans and the such which many did come in the last 12 years! You stated nothing of eds belief of any business better than nothing which is completely wrong! What about term limits? Stop with the Selph nonsense as you can't blame him anymore after 12 years. Name me the location of a payday loan in edwardsville. If you can't see Edwardsville is in much better shape then GC you are blind. I see Missouri plates of people who live here so can't confirm that nor can you. You are not getting the quantity to this town as edwardsville and Carbon get. Plus what you are getting is from more derelict towns than GC. Not good.

    Well, it's plain to see you're an Art crony. What's your point?

    Edwardsville loan companies:
    Advance America
    142 Junction Drive Glen Carbon.

    You're also wrong about the loan companies coming here under Ed. The one on Nameoki by Burger King was there long before Ed. The one in the old Farm Fresh was as well. I don't know of others in the town. Your claim, you do the research on when they opened.

    Yes, Edwardsville is in better shape. Many residents here left our community years ago to build bigger and better homes. Other than Donna Lynne, you can't build a nice home in town because there's no property. Emerald Meadows could have been in GC but Von Dee Cruse blocked that with his zoning administrator Glen Hollis.


    I have also gone to the theater many times and nobody is there. If not for state money, it would be shutdown. Rt 3 corridor is a smoke screen with levy! Business could still come and be insured as I spoke to more than one. Ed only concern was downtown and it still has long way to go. Plus the shady deals to friends was bad as it drove some business owners away.

    You're simply wrong or lying one of the two. What state money does the theater get? You also don't know what you're talking about on Route 3. Another development was planned just north of Lowes. It was abandoned after the levee and insurance threat. Aldis did indeed build there, a much nicer store than they had. Let's see, you blame Ed for wanting to push downtown but you give Brenda Whitaker credit for it. HMMMM. Would you have preferred to let downtown further decay? What would Art have done about downtown?

    You want Arts plan than take the effort as a educated voter and contact him NO! You're posing as his spokesperson on here so you tell us what the plan is.

    I repeat, Art did nothing as a county board member to help GC. No excuses.

    The dozen people on here does not constitute a forum.

    LOL, and yet you come here to speak for Art. Do you not see the irony in that?

    Again, tell us what fat Art will cut at city hall. What attorneys are "poor attorneys"? Who will Art appoint as city attorney? What city inspectors will he appoint? You're saying that Vince Martinez is an unqualified chief? That's going to cost Art a few votes with some of the retired firemen I know. He was very well respected. What chief will Art appoint?

    You see, you can't just come on here and say that Ed did nothing. You have to tell the "12" of us what Art will do. I have no desire to call him so I want you to put out his plan. I'm sure it's in print. I'm sure you have close access to it.

    I'll look forward to a real answer and not more deflection about Ed and term limits. I agree with you about some aldermen. They're a waste of space.

    Have a great Sunday.

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