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    Posted by BetterGC on March 19, 2017, 11:53 am, in reply to "Re: Hagnauer flyer"

    Opie it's obvious you are a ed crony from all your past posts! You are smart enough to support Trump but missing the mark in GC. Not talking about pawn shops opie but titlemax loans and the such which many did come in the last 12 years! You stated nothing of eds belief of any business better than nothing which is completely wrong! What about term limits? Stop with the Selph nonsense as you can't blame him anymore after 12 years. Name me the location of a payday loan in edwardsville. If you can't see Edwardsville is in much better shape then GC you are blind. I see Missouri plates of people who live here so can't confirm that nor can you. You are not getting the quantity to this town as edwardsville and Carbon get. Plus what you are getting is from more derelict towns than GC. Not good.

    I have also gone to the theater many times and nobody is there. If not for state money, it would be shutdown. Rt 3 corridor is a smoke screen with levy! Business could still come and be insured as I spoke to more than one. Ed only concern was downtown and it still has long way to go. Plus the shady deals to friends was bad as it drove some business owners away.

    Again term limits. Ed had 12 and more than enough and many alderman have 20 plus and way to complacent. Time for change.

    You want Arts plan than take the effort as a educated voter and contact him. Your living with not on Here so I don't know. The dozen people on here does not constitute a forum. But we need term limits and ed was for himself on th FD and now at city hall let's make a change. The firefighters overwhelmingly support Art!

    At the county level Art is one to speak up in the face of opposition. But when money has to be allocated where would you put your money as a group? Dirty GC with stagnant city hall or thriving Edwardsville with progressive leadership! Art tried and shuns PC to get his voice heard and try for granite. When Ed was on county board he did nothing for GC and did not get his voice heard as he is to go with the flow and not disrupt the group. His multiple appointments of unqualified people extends past the economic developer! Unqualified inspectors, fire chiefs and poor attorneys! Ed spends way to much in legal fees not paying out comp in obvious cases. Failed his fiduciary responsibilities in paying state actuary on pension funds. Allowed west granite to flood not fixing there rain water runoffs. City engineering should be bid not given to one company.

    But that's the past just as obummer is in the past. Time for change and term limits. Let's get the ball rolling in GC with a overhaul at City Hall.

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