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    Posted by 3Dee on March 12, 2017, 4:54 pm, in reply to "Re: Hagnauer flyer"

    You right about that -- negativity is an issue.

    It can be rephrased easily -- and the retail offerings would follow.

    There are a number of starter homes -- in nice residential areas for under 100k... Some of these homes have had one or two proud owners who cared for the place.

    I have seen the story told hundreds of times...and it's a story that needs to get out --- a great place to get a good start.

    Does that mean that Granite City gets a great kindergarten, while they end up somewhere else for high school?

    Hopefully there are good reasons to stay.

    Again -- for the entire area - it can't be something that it's not - and it can't aim for somewhere it can never go.

    The premium housing stock won't be found in GC proper -- but there are some very decent solidly built homes. A lot of proud millworkers and trades people cared for those homes with their own hands and kept the lawns pristine.

    Many relatives who have found their way to the other side of the river or 'up the hill' started out in these homes. A few did not leave the area but are in newer housing in Pontoon as soon as they could afford it.

    Why not advertise these attractive $75,000 homes....so that they don't end up being $19,000 homes -- or $6,000 lots someday?

    It could really hit a niche..... Advertise what locals have known for a long time ---

    Granite City is a place to get a good start.

    The only thing now is to make sure the schools are up to par -- because once the child turns 4 or 5 -- a pivotal decision will have to be made.

    I have nothing against the economic director -- nad I wish him well.

    But they could send me the $60,000 one time payment -- and just search my posts. Deeism is the path to prosperity. : )

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