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PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Items are often posted for sale, the Flow Blue International Collectors' Club, its board and members are not responsible for any sales, trades, transactions, agreements or correspondence taking place on the site between two parties. By using our message board, you accept and understand these terms. LINKING PHOTOS TO MESSAGES: Linking a photo to your messages is very easy to do thanks to TinyPic.com. TinyPic was developed by Photobucket. Instructions on how to use TinyPic follow. After creating your message click on the “upload image” at the bottom right side of the message box next to the "smiley face". A new screen will pop up. This is the TinyPic screen where you can “Choose your file”, type in a tag, and resize your photo if you would like. When you are satisfied, click on the “UPLOAD NOW” button at the bottom of the popup screen. Your photo will be added to you message. This is easier than Photobucket. You may also go to www.photobucket.com (or any other photo hosting site) and open a free account. Upload your photo to your Photobucket account. (PB upload process: Log-In to your account. Click on the "Upload" link at the top of the page. Click on "Choose Photos & Videos"; browse to your photos location on your hard drive, highlight the photo and select "open". Your photo will automatically upload to your Photobucket Library.) GET THE LINK TO YOUR PHOTO: Go to your Photobucket Library. Under your photos there are several "links" available, "LEFT" mouse click on the "Direct" link, the link will be highlighted when you "LEFT" click on it. Now "RIGHT" mouse click the highlighted link and select "COPY". You have now copied the link to your photo. Exit Photobucket and go to the FBICC Message Board. Create a new message, and then select the "Image" Tab under the message box - a URL box will open. "RIGHT" mouse click the open URL box and select "PASTE" (your photo URL is now "pasted" into the URL box). Now click the "ADD" tab to the right of the URL box. You have added a photo to your posting.

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